black_front_draftFor many years, people lived in ignorance of how the environment was being harmed by their toxic waste. The seas were considered junkyards and companies systematically dumped barrels containing toxic chemicals into them. Now enlightenment has struck upon people and times are changing. Unfortunately, as time has passed the barrels have started to corrode and we are now in a race against time to take care of them before an environmental disaster occurs. This is where Naiad comes in.

Naiad is a project started during fall 2013. It was started by 18 M.Sc students from Mälardalen University and it is currently run by 12 M.Sc students, majoring in robotics and intelligent embedded systems. The aim is to create an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The long term goal is to use a shoal of AUVs to systematically locate hazardous objects at the bottom of the Baltic Sea to secure a healthy environment for future generations. The first step towards this goal is to develop a platform for further research. Naiad will also be competing in the 2015 edition of RoboSub, which is an international AUV competition, together with the rest of the elite in the field. The project is built upon the experience of a previous team from Mälardalen University, Project VASA, which won the “best craftsmanship” award at RoboSub 2012.