New year, new team

As you might have noticed there has been some changes to the website and especially to the team. A new school-year has started and we think it is about time that we introduce our selves.

We are now a group of 12 M.Sc students majoring in either robotics or intelligent embedded systems, from Mälardalen University. Since we got a good head start we’ve come very far in these starting weeks. The first couple of weeks we got to know the system and now we are happy to say that the first water-tests has been successful. So far we have tested the PID-controller for the yaw-positioning.

Here’s a video showing the result of the last test.

Since the school has invested in a new 3D-printer we have also had the pleasure of being able to 3D-print the “wings” for Naiad, the first look after printing all the parts gives a hint to what it will look like in the end. Looking good, right?

3D-printed wing

We are also happy to announce that we will be at the Embedded Conference at Kistamässan this week, hopefully we will see you there?

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