What’s going on?

Sorry for the bad updating, but we’ve been busy!

The electronics group are working on getting a speed logger implemented. Unfortunately, the company we ordered the plexi tubes from had some miscummunication and the tubes are not coming until next week. So we continued working on the hydrophones instead, creating a filter using the FPGA on a myRIO the school lent us. That is coming along just fine.

The vision system is now able to detect colors, which means that the vision might actually make something work before christmas, which would be great! We have a watertest on thursday which we hope will help us get some idea of where we are going to end up. Since the rest of the software-group was not ready to test this week we did a minitest, with just the essential parts for vision, looking good – right?

2014-12-03 12.10.25Mechanics are milling the front of the underside of the hull. In that part we will put the sonar, the torpedoes for the competition and the headlights.

And I’m doing the tactics for the competition – which missions to do and which missions not to put focus on.

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