silver_top_250Have you ever dreamt of being praised and loved by a whole group of M.Sc students, having them gaze upon your company in awe? If so, your dream can now come true!

To be able to reach the goal of this project, we are looking for sponsors for both the production of the robot and the travel costs to the RoboSub (www.robosub.org) competition. Not only will you be part of an interesting project on the very front edge of technology, but we also offer you a lot of different marketing opportunities. Depending on which deal we set up, you can name the robot however you like and get your logo on the robot itself, our team dress, get mentioned in different videos throughout the project and much more! Your trademark will get spread both in the U.S and Europe via the competition, media and also since our team is a compound of students from all over the world that will stop at nothing to make the sponsorship satisfying for you.

To get in contact with the team please email us at ProjectNaiad@gmail.com

Our sponsors:

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